So, apparently Clevertv said that Laura Marano has no chance of winning against the other candidates of Comedy actresses because she is too young. First of all, she may be younger than the other nominees but she had many years of experience in the acting business. I’m not saying theirs a guarantee laura will win but I’m saying she does deserve this award. She’s an hilarious actor and very passionate on her work which is why I don’t understand why she is so underrated. A young lady like her that puts alot of effort in trying to make a difference in this world and yet she’s not noticed, that ticks me off. Laura Marano is by far one of the best actresses in Disney, this is my opinion okay ? but I believe that the things she had done so far has proven to me and many other people that watch her or know of her that she does deserve this award. So please keep voting for Laura Marano, Ross Lynch and Austin and ally as Best comedy actress, Best comedy actor, and best comedy tv show. <3 Age shouldn’t matter whether a person deserves an award or not.